Stephanie H

April 12, 2019

My wife and I had been wanting to have a deck built on the back of our home for some time. A few years ago, I bought myself a book called 1-2-3 Decks from Home Depot and had planned to build the deck myself. After pricing the lumber and materials and realizing that I would need the help of another person throughout the project and would also need to buy a number of tools that I didn’t already have, I realized that it would be easier and safer to have a professional build it for us. So we looked up several contractors on Angie’s List to come up with a list of deck builders that we would call for estimates. Being a huge skeptic, I wasn’t overwhelmingly certain that I would be able to pick the best contractor, especially being that the estimates were all similar. When Mike, the owner of Goetz Contracting, came out to our home, he stood out because he was the one contractor that didn’t seem at all frustrated that we didn’t know exactly what we wanted. Mike gave us a lot of ideas on size and function and he talked a lot about recommendations that would make the deck safe and sturdy. Mike and his crew ended up drawing up and building us a deck that included a spacious 24′ x 12′ main deck area, as well as a bending stairway with a middle landing and an additional 8′ x 6′ entry level landing.

Mike, the owner of Goetz Contracting, was prompt. He was at the house just one day after I called him for an estimate. Once we decided on hiring Goetz Contracting, it was only a few weeks and Mike had the materials delivered and the work started the following day. I was still skeptical before the first day, but once Mike and his crew arrived and went right to work, I could see that everyone was on the same page and they worked methodically from one stage to the next. Each day, Mike and his crew showed up promptly and went right to work. They stopped for lunch each day and got right back to work after lunch. They started on Monday and completed the deck early on Saturday. What really impressed me about Mike and Goetz Contracting was the craftsmanship that went into the construction. Each board that went up was measured carefully, placed carefully, and adjusted to the perfect position before fastened. It was as if he was being as particular as he would be if he was building this deck on his own house. Mike and his crew were not simply following minimum standards, they were going above and beyond what was required. As the deck went up, I noticed that our new deck was better fastened to our house than our neighbors decks, build with 6″ x 6″ support posts when some of our neighbors decks had 4″ x 4″ support posts. Mike had included 2″ x 6″ cap rails on the railings as well as riser boards on the stairs. As far as I’m concerned, our new deck is a masterpiece. I felt compelled to add a comment about Goetz Contracting because it’s hard to know what your getting from just one meeting with a contractor for an estimate. Although I did pick Goetz Contracting over the other estimates I got, I still wasn’t thoroughly certain that I was hiring the right company. By the time they had completed our deck, I wasn’t just satisfied with their work, I wanted to brag to everyone about them. If you hire Goetz Contracting to build a deck for your home, you will be thoroughly satisfied!

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